Scripts usage

By default, OpenNMT's scripts can only be called from the root of OpenNMT's directory. If calling the scripts from any directory is more convenient to you, you need to extend the LUA_PATH:

export LUA_PATH="$LUA_PATH;/path/to/OpenNMT/?.lua"

Configuration files

You can pass options using a configuration file. The file has a simple key-value syntax with one option = value per line. Here is an example:

$ cat generic.txt
rnn_size = 600
layers = 4
brnn = true
save_model = generic

It handles empty lines and ignores lines prefixed with #.

You can then pass this file along other options on the command line:

th train.lua -config generic.txt -data data/demo-train.t7 -gpuid 1

If an option appears both in the file and on the command line, the file takes priority.

Boolean flags

Flags are options that do not take arguments. For example the option -brnn enables bidirectional encoder when added to the command line.

However, flags that are enabled by default can take 0 as argument to disable them. For example, input feeding is disabled with -input_feed 0.

Multiple arguments

Some options can take multiple arguments. Unless otherwise noted, they accept a list of comma-separated values without spaces:

-option_name value1,value2,value3