release_model.lua options:

  • -h
    This help.
  • -md
    Dump help in Markdown format.
  • -config <string>
    Load options from this file.
  • -save_config <string>
    Save options to this file.

Model options

  • -model <string>
    Path to the trained model to release.
  • -output_model <string>
    Path the released model. If not set, the release suffix will be automatically added to the model filename.
  • -force
    Force output model creation even if the target file exists.

Cuda options

  • -gpuid <string> (default: 0)
    List of comma-separated GPU identifiers (1-indexed). CPU is used when set to 0.
  • -fallback_to_cpu
    If GPU can't be used, rollback on the CPU.
  • -fp16
    Use half-precision float on GPU.
  • -no_nccl
    Disable usage of nccl in parallel mode.

Logger options

  • -log_file <string>
    Output logs to a file under this path instead of stdout.
  • -disable_logs
    If set, output nothing.
  • -log_level <string> (accepted: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR; default: INFO)
    Output logs at this level and above.