OpenNMT project

OpenNMT project is composed of 3 main repositories:

  • OpenNMT-Lua (a.k.a. OpenNMT): the main project developed with LuaTorch.
    Optimized and stable code for production and large scale experiments.
  • OpenNMT-py: light version of OpenNMT using PyTorch.
    Initially created by the Facebook AI research team as a sample project for PyTorch, this version is easier to extend and is suited for research purpose but does not include all features.
  • OpenNMT-C (a.k.a. CTranslate): C++ inference engine for OpenNMT models.

OpenNMT is a generic deep learning framework mainly specialized in sequence-to-sequence models covering a variety of tasks such as machine translation, summarization, image to text, and speech recognition. The framework has also been extended for other non sequence-to-sequence tasks like language modelling and sequence tagging.

All these applications are reusing and sometimes extending a collection of easy-to-reuse modules: encoders, decoders, embeddings layers, attention layers, and more.

The framework is implemented to be as generic as possible and can be used either via command line applications, client-server, or libraries.

The project is self-contained and ready to use for both research and production.

OpenNMT project is an open-source initiative derivated from seq2seq-attn, initially created by Kim Yoon at HarvardNLP group.

Additional resources

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