learn_bpe.lua options:

  • -h [<boolean>] (default: false)
    This help.
  • -md [<boolean>] (default: false)
    Dump help in Markdown format.
  • -config <string> (default: '')
    Load options from this file.
  • -save_config <string> (default: '')
    Save options to this file.

BPE options

  • -size <string> (default: 30000)
    The number of merge operations to learn.
  • -bpe_mode <string> (accepted: suffix, prefix, both, none; default: suffix)
    Define the BPE mode. prefix: append <w> to the begining of each word to learn prefix-oriented pair statistics; suffix: append </w> to the end of each word to learn suffix-oriented pair statistics, as in the original Python script; both: suffix and prefix; none: no suffix nor prefix.
  • -bpe_EOT_marker <string> (default: </w>)
    Marker used to mark the End of Token while applying BPE in mode 'prefix' or 'both'.
  • -bpe_BOT_marker <string> (default: <w>)
    Marker used to mark the Beginning of Token while applying BPE in mode 'suffix' or 'both'.
  • -save_bpe <string> (required)
    Path to save the output model.

Tokenizer options

  • -tok_mode <string> (accepted: space, conservative, aggressive; default: space)
    Define how aggressive should the tokenization be. aggressive only keeps sequences of letters/numbers, conservative allows a mix of alphanumeric as in: "2,000", "E65", "soft-landing", etc. space is doing space tokenization.
  • -tok_joiner_annotate [<boolean>] (default: false)
    Include joiner annotation using -joiner character.
  • -tok_joiner <string> (default: )
    Character used to annotate joiners.
  • -tok_joiner_new [<boolean>] (default: false)
    In -joiner_annotate mode, -joiner is an independent token.
  • -tok_case_feature [<boolean>] (default: false)
    Generate case feature.
  • -tok_segment_case [<boolean>] (default: false)
    Segment case feature, splits AbC to Ab C to be able to restore case
  • -tok_segment_alphabet <table> (accepted: Tagalog, Hanunoo, Limbu, Yi, Hebrew, Latin, Devanagari, Thaana, Lao, Sinhala, Georgian, Kannada, Cherokee, Kanbun, Buhid, Malayalam, Han, Thai, Katakana, Telugu, Greek, Myanmar, Armenian, Hangul, Cyrillic, Ethiopic, Tagbanwa, Gurmukhi, Ogham, Khmer, Arabic, Oriya, Hiragana, Mongolian, Kangxi, Syriac, Gujarati, Braille, Bengali, Tamil, Bopomofo, Tibetan)
    Segment all letters from indicated alphabet.
  • -tok_segment_numbers [<boolean>] (default: false)
    Segment numbers into single digits.
  • -tok_segment_alphabet_change [<boolean>] (default: false)
    Segment if alphabet change between 2 letters.

HookManager options

  • -hook_file <string> (default: '')
    Pointer to a lua file registering hooks for the current process

Logger options

  • -log_file <string> (default: '')
    Output logs to a file under this path instead of stdout - if file name ending with json, output structure json.
  • -disable_logs [<boolean>] (default: false)
    If set, output nothing.
  • -log_level <string> (accepted: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, NONE; default: INFO)
    Output logs at this level and above.