Hardware support


The information below is only valid for the prebuilt binaries. If you compiled the project from the sources, the supported hardware will depend on the selected backend and compilation flags.


  • x86-64 processors supporting at least SSE 4.1

  • AArch64/ARM64 processors

On x86-64, prebuilt binaries are configured to automatically select the best backend and instruction set architecture for the platform (AVX, AVX2, or AVX512). In particular, they are compiled with both Intel MKL and oneDNN so that Intel MKL is only used on Intel processors where it performs best, whereas oneDNN is used on other x86-64 processors such as AMD.


See the environment variables CT2_USE_MKL and CT2_FORCE_CPU_ISA to control this behavior.


  • NVIDIA GPUs with a Compute Capability greater or equal to 3.5

The driver requirement depends on the CUDA version. See the CUDA Compatibility guide for more information.