Source code for onmt.modules.copy_generator

import torch
import torch.nn as nn

from onmt.utils.misc import aeq
from onmt.utils.loss import CommonLossCompute

def collapse_copy_scores(scores, batch, tgt_vocab, src_vocabs=None,
                         batch_dim=1, batch_offset=None):
    Given scores from an expanded dictionary
    corresponeding to a batch, sums together copies,
    with a dictionary word when it is ambiguous.
    offset = len(tgt_vocab)
    for b in range(scores.size(batch_dim)):
        blank = []
        fill = []

        if src_vocabs is None:
            src_vocab = batch.src_ex_vocab[b]
            batch_id = batch_offset[b] if batch_offset is not None else b
            index =[batch_id]
            src_vocab = src_vocabs[index]

        for i in range(1, len(src_vocab)):
            sw = src_vocab.itos[i]
            ti = tgt_vocab.stoi[sw]
            if ti != 0:
                blank.append(offset + i)
        if blank:
            blank = torch.Tensor(blank).type_as(
            fill = torch.Tensor(fill).type_as(
            score = scores[:, b] if batch_dim == 1 else scores[b]
            score.index_add_(1, fill, score.index_select(1, blank))
            score.index_fill_(1, blank, 1e-10)
    return scores

[docs]class CopyGenerator(nn.Module): """An implementation of pointer-generator networks :cite:`DBLP:journals/corr/SeeLM17`. These networks consider copying words directly from the source sequence. The copy generator is an extended version of the standard generator that computes three values. * :math:`p_{softmax}` the standard softmax over `tgt_dict` * :math:`p(z)` the probability of copying a word from the source * :math:`p_{copy}` the probility of copying a particular word. taken from the attention distribution directly. The model returns a distribution over the extend dictionary, computed as :math:`p(w) = p(z=1) p_{copy}(w) + p(z=0) p_{softmax}(w)` .. mermaid:: graph BT A[input] S[src_map] B[softmax] BB[switch] C[attn] D[copy] O[output] A --> B A --> BB S --> D C --> D D --> O B --> O BB --> O Args: input_size (int): size of input representation output_size (int): size of output vocabulary pad_idx (int) """ def __init__(self, input_size, output_size, pad_idx): super(CopyGenerator, self).__init__() self.linear = nn.Linear(input_size, output_size) self.linear_copy = nn.Linear(input_size, 1) self.pad_idx = pad_idx
[docs] def forward(self, hidden, attn, src_map): """ Compute a distribution over the target dictionary extended by the dynamic dictionary implied by copying source words. Args: hidden (FloatTensor): hidden outputs ``(batch x tlen, input_size)`` attn (FloatTensor): attn for each ``(batch x tlen, slen)`` src_map (FloatTensor): A sparse indicator matrix mapping each source word to its index in the "extended" vocab containing. ``(src_len, batch, extra_words)`` """ # CHECKS batch_by_tlen, _ = hidden.size() batch_by_tlen_, slen = attn.size() slen_, batch, cvocab = src_map.size() aeq(batch_by_tlen, batch_by_tlen_) aeq(slen, slen_) # Original probabilities. logits = self.linear(hidden) logits[:, self.pad_idx] = -float('inf') prob = torch.softmax(logits, 1) # Probability of copying p(z=1) batch. p_copy = torch.sigmoid(self.linear_copy(hidden)) # Probability of not copying: p_{word}(w) * (1 - p(z)) out_prob = torch.mul(prob, 1 - p_copy) mul_attn = torch.mul(attn, p_copy) copy_prob = torch.bmm( mul_attn.view(-1, batch, slen).transpose(0, 1), src_map.transpose(0, 1) ).transpose(0, 1) copy_prob = copy_prob.contiguous().view(-1, cvocab) return[out_prob, copy_prob], 1)
class CopyGeneratorLoss(nn.Module): """Copy generator criterion.""" def __init__(self, vocab_size, force_copy, unk_index=0, ignore_index=-100, eps=1e-20): super(CopyGeneratorLoss, self).__init__() self.force_copy = force_copy self.eps = eps self.vocab_size = vocab_size self.ignore_index = ignore_index self.unk_index = unk_index def forward(self, scores, align, target): """ Args: scores (FloatTensor): ``(batch_size*tgt_len)`` x dynamic vocab size whose sum along dim 1 is less than or equal to 1, i.e. cols softmaxed. align (LongTensor): ``(batch_size x tgt_len)`` target (LongTensor): ``(batch_size x tgt_len)`` """ # probabilities assigned by the model to the gold targets vocab_probs = scores.gather(1, target.unsqueeze(1)).squeeze(1) # probability of tokens copied from source copy_ix = align.unsqueeze(1) + self.vocab_size copy_tok_probs = scores.gather(1, copy_ix).squeeze(1) # Set scores for unk to 0 and add eps copy_tok_probs[align == self.unk_index] = 0 copy_tok_probs += self.eps # to avoid -inf logs # find the indices in which you do not use the copy mechanism non_copy = align == self.unk_index if not self.force_copy: non_copy = non_copy | (target != self.unk_index) probs = torch.where( non_copy, copy_tok_probs + vocab_probs, copy_tok_probs ) loss = -probs.log() # just NLLLoss; can the module be incorporated? # Drop padding. loss[target == self.ignore_index] = 0 return loss class CommonCopyGeneratorLossCompute(CommonLossCompute): """Common Copy Generator Loss Computation.""" def __init__(self, criterion, generator, tgt_vocab, normalize_by_length, lambda_coverage=0.0, tgt_shift_index=1): super(CommonCopyGeneratorLossCompute, self).__init__( criterion, generator, lambda_coverage=lambda_coverage, tgt_shift_index=tgt_shift_index) self.tgt_vocab = tgt_vocab self.normalize_by_length = normalize_by_length def _compute_loss(self, batch, output, target, copy_attn, align, std_attn=None, coverage_attn=None): """Compute the loss. The args must match :func:`self._make_shard_state()`. Args: batch: the current batch. output: the predict output from the model. target: the validate target to compare output with. copy_attn: the copy attention value. align: the align info. """ target = target.view(-1) align = align.view(-1) scores = self.generator( self._bottle(output), self._bottle(copy_attn), batch.src_map ) loss = self.criterion(scores, align, target) if self.lambda_coverage != 0.0: coverage_loss = self._compute_coverage_loss(std_attn, coverage_attn) loss += coverage_loss # this block does not depend on the loss value computed above # and is used only for stats scores_data = collapse_copy_scores( self._unbottle(scores.clone(), batch.batch_size), batch, self.tgt_vocab, None) scores_data = self._bottle(scores_data) # this block does not depend on the loss value computed above # and is used only for stats # Correct target copy token instead of <unk> # tgt[i] = align[i] + len(tgt_vocab) # for i such that tgt[i] == 0 and align[i] != 0 target_data = target.clone() unk = self.criterion.unk_index correct_mask = (target_data == unk) & (align != unk) offset_align = align[correct_mask] + len(self.tgt_vocab) target_data[correct_mask] += offset_align # Compute sum of perplexities for stats stats = self._stats(loss.sum().clone(), scores_data, target_data) # this part looks like it belongs in CopyGeneratorLoss if self.normalize_by_length: # Compute Loss as NLL divided by seq length tgt_lens = batch.tgt[:, :, 0].ne(self.padding_idx).sum(0).float() # Compute Total Loss per sequence in batch loss = loss.view(-1, batch.batch_size).sum(0) # Divide by length of each sequence and sum loss = torch.div(loss, tgt_lens).sum() else: loss = loss.sum() return loss, stats def _make_shard_state(self, batch, output, range_, attns): """See base class for args description.""" shard_state = super(CommonCopyGeneratorLossCompute, self)._make_shard_state(batch, output, range_, attns) start_range = range_[0] + self.tgt_shift_index end_range = range_[1] shard_state.update({ "copy_attn": attns.get("copy"), "align": batch.alignment[start_range: end_range] }) return shard_state class CopyGeneratorLossCompute(CommonCopyGeneratorLossCompute): """Copy Generator Loss Computation.""" def __init__(self, criterion, generator, tgt_vocab, normalize_by_length, lambda_coverage=0.0): super(CopyGeneratorLossCompute, self).__init__(criterion, generator, tgt_vocab, normalize_by_length, lambda_coverage=0.0, tgt_shift_index=1) class CopyGeneratorLMLossCompute(CommonCopyGeneratorLossCompute): """Copy Generator LM Loss Computation.""" def __init__(self, criterion, generator, tgt_vocab, normalize_by_length, lambda_coverage=0.0): super(CopyGeneratorLMLossCompute, self).__init__(criterion, generator, tgt_vocab, normalize_by_length, lambda_coverage=0.0, tgt_shift_index=0)