• -h: this help [false]
  • -md: Dump help in Markdown format [false]
  • -config: read options from config file. []
  • -save_config: save options from config file. []

Preprocess options

  • -data_type: (bitext, monotext) Type of text to preprocess. Use 'monotext' for monolingual text. This option impacts all options choices. [bitext]
  • -save_data: Output file for the prepared data []

Preprocess options

  • -train_src: Path to the training source data []
  • -train_tgt: Path to the training target data []
  • -valid_src: Path to the validation source data []
  • -valid_tgt: Path to the validation target data []
  • -src_vocab: Path to an existing source vocabulary []
  • -tgt_vocab: Path to an existing target vocabulary []
  • -src_vocab_size: Comma-separated list of source vocabularies size: word[,feat1,feat2,...]. [50000]
  • -tgt_vocab_size: Comma-separated list of target vocabularies size: word[,feat1,feat2,...]. [50000]
  • -src_seq_length: Maximum source sequence length [50]
  • -tgt_seq_length: Maximum target sequence length [50]
  • -features_vocabs_prefix: Path prefix to existing features vocabularies []
  • -shuffle: Shuffle data [1]

Other options

  • -seed: Random seed [3425]
  • -report_every: Report status every this many sentences [100000]
  • -log_file: Outputs logs to a file under this path instead of stdout. []
  • -disable_logs: If = true, output nothing. [false]
  • -log_level: (DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR) Outputs logs at this level and above. [INFO]